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Watch Our Champions

"Comfort" Class

In the Comfort Class parents and children ages 6 months and up will experience a playful routine of activities that get them comfortable in our pool and comfortable with our instructor. They will learn to float, jump in, climb out and the basics of swimming. Max 6 students per class.

"Confidence" Class

In the Confidence Class children ages 14 months and up will experience the same routine every day. We build confidence through repetition. They learn crawl stroke, back float, back stroke, sitting dive and diving for toys. Max 3 students per class.

Crawl stroke is taught every day...

Back float is taught every day...

Back stroke is taught every day...

And sometimes we race...

"Compete" Class

In the Compete Class students prepare for junior swim team as young as age 4. Kids must already know how to swim the width of the pool crawl stroke and back stroke. In class they learn to swim the breast stroke and the butterfly stroke.  They swim the length of the pool daily. They will have fun learning swim team drills, racing and being taught the basics of a swim meet.

Max 6 students per class.

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