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How long does my enrollment last?

In order to make scheduling easier for all, we are offering a NEW session based schedule! Sessions are prepaid in advance. Book all 5 or pick and choose the ones that work for your schedule. Registration opens January 1st, 2024.

  • Session #1 May 1st - 31st

  • Session #2 June 1st - 30

  • Session #3 July 1st - 31st

  • Session #4 August 1st - 31st

  • Session #5 September 1st - 30th

Is there a registration fee?

The annual registration fee is $35/family and charged to your account when you first enroll and again on the same date each year. 

Can I enroll in a session that's already started? 

Sessions are based on the calendar month. Families who choose to enroll mid-session will be prorated for the swim days left in the month. 

What are the class & registration fees?

  • Comfort Class™             $15/day

  • Confidence Class™      $25/day

  • Compete Class™           $25/day

Sessions are prepaid and the cost is calculated based on how many days per week and the level you're enrolled in. For best results, we always recommend swimming at least 2x per week. A registration fee of $30 per family is due upon enrollment and automatically renews each year on the anniversary date. 

How many days a week should my child swim?

Our method is designed to create muscle memory, the more days per week your child swims, the faster they will learn. We always recommend swimming at least 2x per week for best results (just like exercising, the more consistently you train, the faster the body will adapt). 

When is class cancelled due to bad weather?

All outdoor sports programs in Florida experience weather cancellations at times due to heavy rain or lightning. Our weather policy states that we cancel class when rain is heavy but we teach in the light rain if it is warm enough. We cancel class when lightning is as close as 8 miles to the pool, and we resume class as soon as the lightning clears. Parents receive an email & sms notification before class as well as a make-up token to use for an additional class. 

How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

On average it takes 3-4 months of 2x per week practice for a 4 year old to learn to swim 25+ ft independently, 6-8 months for a 3 year old and 10-12 months for a 2 year old. We encourage you to read our testimonials and reviews!

Can I book a make up class if my child misses a class?

Makeup tokens are issued in the event of inclement weather or pool closure. Makeup tokens are not issued if you miss class. However, in the event of a medical or family emergency, exceptions may be made upon providing documentation. You will receive an "in-house" credit that can be used when you're able to re-enroll. 

How do make up tokens work?

Detailed instructions on how to book makeup tokens are emailed to each family at the time they are issued. Tokens are booked through the parent portal within 3 days of your desired class time.

Can I be refunded?

Class enrollments and registration fees are non-refundable. If a family enrolls in a class and later decides the time doesn't work for their schedule, we can offer to transfer your student into a different class time or issue an in-house credit that never expires. 

Can you come to my house to teach my kids?

We do not offer in-home instruction. We have designed our program around small, group instruction. Our method is proven to produce dramatic results for children 12 and under at an accelerated rate compared to 1:1 instruction. 

Do you offer a free trial class?

We do not currently offer free trials. Our classes tend to fill up quickly and it is not something we are able to accomodate at this time. If you are curious about our program, we encourage you to come watch a class or call our office to learn more from our friendly customer support team!

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