Annual Registration Fee: There is an annual registration fee of $25, one per family, that is reoccurring on your anniversary date of your first enrollment with Champion Swim School. You can stop and start our program at any time, and the registration fee will only be charged on your initial anniversary date. This fee covers the cost of our registration and payment systems.

Class Fees: Our Comfort class is $12 per day. Our Confidence class is $22 per day. Our Compete class is $22 per day.

Pro-rated 1st Month: You can enroll in class anytime through out the month. You will be charged for the next available class that you chose and all others through the rest of the month.  

Tuition Charged on the 1st: Tuition will be charged to your card on file on the 1st of every month for the upcoming month. For example: if you are registered in a Tu/Th Confidence class, then on April 1st you will be charged for 8 classes in April at $22 each, and your total will be $176.00. Your monthly total may differ a little based on the calendar and how many classes you will have that month.

Pro-rated Last Month: Your last month will be pro-rated if you have set a drop date for your child before tuition runs on the 1st. You can choose any day to be your last day of class. The "drop date" refers to the last day of class for your child.

Transferring Tuition: If your child transfers levels and there is a price difference we will immediately either credit or charge your account at the time your child transfers. 

Changing Credit Cards: You can change your credit card on file at anytime through our self serve portal. 


Refunds: We are not able to issue a refund for classes unused or unwanted. If you have a documented emergency that keeps you from joining the classes you've registered for, we can issue a credit to your swim account for future classes with us.