"A great instructor! My son didn’t want anything to do with swimming and CONSTANTLY told her no! She had him swimming in FOUR months by himself!! She was so patient and kind, but pushed him and encouraged him too!" - Tara V.

"Coach Pam is great! She sings a song for every activity which little ones LOVE! She clearly has a passion for what she does and my son couldn’t stop giggling. I would highly recommend Champion Swim School." - Vanessa E.

"Kyla is an awesome coach that my kids have quickly come to love. They get excited when it’s swim practice day and don’t want to leave when the lesson is over. I’m very pleased with the progress my kids have made in the short time they’ve been taking lessons with her. Her mom Pam is also awesome arranging it so my children could take lessons at the same time."  - Melanie S.

"Kyla and Pam have been fantastic and I highly recommend Champion Swim School! We had a fearful swimmer that always left swim lessons crying and more afraid of the water. Not anymore. Thank you Kyla for your patience and sweet demeanor and Pam for listening to our needs!" - Stephanie H.

"My coach is WONDERFUL. She took extra time working with my daughter who had a severe fear of swimming. After three private sessions with Pam she was begging to go to “swim school” every day! She is caring and compassionate and she knows what she’s doing! I highly recommend!!" - Ashley H.

"My coach has been wonderful with my 2 year old son! She makes the classes so much fun for him while being incredibly educational. She modifies the class to fit his ever-changing comfort level. I love how she also teaches me how to work with my son at home (both in and out of the pool) as well as explains to me what she is doing in class and the “why” (both emotionally and physically for my son’s age group). Her location and hours and also incredibly convenient for our working parent household. We love Champion Swim School and highly recommend!" - Sarah A.

"My 2yo and 5yo are just delighted when during the days that they have swim class, and it's because of Coach Pam's patience and encouragement. She has such great and varied activities that keep the kids engaged. After one week, the kids were so much more confident in the water. I highly recommend this class for young children!" - Amanda P.

"Highly recommend Coach Pam! She is an excellent teacher with patience/compassion. My little boy absolutely LOVES swim lessons and looks forward to it every week." - Lauryn K.

"Coach Pam is by far a wonderful swim teacher. She not only teaches your child but you as well to help with the muscle memory of your child when you two go to the water without the coach. Because practice makes perfect and gives your child that confidence in the water. Thank you Coach Pam see you in the spring!" - Nicole M.

"Pam Villa is amazing with children in the pool. Doesn't matter age, she knows what she's doing with all ages. You will not have to worry about your child's safety while on Pam's watch." - Missy S.

"Pam is awesome! She is so good with my girls! I have a 1 and 4 year old taking her class and she got them comfortable in the water quickly! I like her teaching style! I definitely recommend!" - Tonya C.

"My daughter is 2 years old, and we have completed 2 months so far and looking forward to many more. Pam is a caring and nurturing instructor." - Stefanie H.

"My daughter loves the water so much and her teacher Miss Pam is so great with kids. My daughter Chelsea is 18 months and after her 3rd lesson she is singing the goodbye song she learned and wanting to always be in the water. It's not just about swimming." - Losiram Y.

"My niece and I went for a trial swim lesson and they were so nice. Pam literally taught us one lesson and it has stuck with us every since. We plan to come back really soon and really learn how to swim. I love the whole set up and how they prepare you to become comfortable in the water even when you don’t know what you’re doing." - Natalie W.