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Level #1 

The Comfort class is our parent/tot class designed for children ages 6 months and up who are still feeling attached to their parent and need a transition into working with an instructor. This fun and interactive class offers a routine of songs and activities that helps kids to become comfortable working with an instructor. A bronze medal is earned when swimmers are ready to move up to the Confidence class!

  • One caregiver per child is required to be in the water and involved in class.

  • 6/1 student to teacher ratio.

  • Class fee is based on $15/day.


Level # 2 

Our Confidence class is for kids age 14 months to 12 years old. Our revolutionary teaching-floats are used to teach the crawl stroke, back float, backstroke and sitting dives. Teaching floats accelerate the road to independence by allowing the child to feel the strength of their own body in the water without being overly held. The goal of this class is to swim 25 feet of crawl stroke and back stroke; and to back float for one minute. Swimmers earn a silver medal when class goals are accomplished.

  • Prerequisites: Children must be walking and must be comfortable working with an instructor before enrolling.

  • 4/1 student ratio.

  • Class fee based on $25/day,

Level # 3 

Our Compete class is designed for kids age 4 - 8 yrs old who want to prepare to join a swim team. Swimmers earn a gold medal when class goals are accomplished.

  • 4/1 student ratio.

  • Class fee based on $25/day.

Class goals:

  • Swim 25 yards crawl stroke with side breathing; proper stroke and kick techniques.

  • Swim 25 yards backstroke with strength and coordination.

  • Show basic skills in breast stroke, butterfly, flip turns and standing dives.



  • Swim 25 feet (half length of racing pool) crawl stroke with rhythmic front breathing; and with straight arms and straight legs.

  • Swim 25 feet back stroke with straight arms and straight legs.

  • Back float for one minute on their own.

  • If a child can swim 25 yards they are too advanced for the Compete class.

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