Class Levels

#1 - Comfort 

Our Comfort class - is a parent/child class, and is for children ages 6 months and up. It is for children who are not yet walking; and or for children who have seperation anxiety from their parents. The goal of class is for your child to be comfortable with our instructor working with them in our pool. When they reach this goal they get a bronze medal and can then join our Confidence class! Ratio 6 students / 1 instructor. Price $12 per day & paid monthly

#2 - Confidence

Our Confidence class is for kids age 14 months old to 12 years old. In this class we use our unique "teaching floats" which are designed to accelerate the learning process, as they hold the child in a horizontal position and they help to strengthen core muscles. Instructors are trained to wean each child off the "teaching floats" as they are ready, on an individual basis. We teach the same skills in the same order every class: sitting dive; 25 feet of crawl stroke; a 1 minute back float; 25 feet of back stroke. When a child can do these skills independently they have reached the goal of class and receive a silver medal and are ready to join our Compete class.  

Ratio 3 students / 1 instructor.

Price $22 per day & paid monthly

#3 - Compete

Our Compete class is both a swim team prep class and a strength buiding class. It is not for swimmers who are on a swim team. To join, a child must be able to swim 25 feet of crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing; back float for 1 minute; and swim back stroke for 25 feet. Kids will learn a variety of drills that will strengthen their crawl and back stroke. They will learn the breast stroke and butterfly and they will practice racing. We teach what to expect when racing at their first swim meet.  When a swimmer can swim 25 yards of all 4 strokes they receive a gold medal!

Ratio 6 students /1 instructor.

Price $22 per day & paid monthly