We champion your child to be the BEST swimmer they can be!

Class Levels


Comfort - is a parent/child class, and is for children ages 6 months and up. The goal of the class is for the child to learn to be comfortable in our teaching pool and interacting with an instructor to learn swim skills. It is a 30 minute class that is fun interactive with a routine of activities that gets the kids comfortable in and under the water.  When they reach the goal of comfort they receive a bronze medal! Ratio 6 students /1 instructor. Price $10 / day paid monthly. 


Our "confidence" class is for kids age 14 months to 12 years old. Kids are grouped by age within a 3 year age span. Our unique "teaching floats" are used to teach the crawl stroke, back stroke, glides, floats and dives. These floats accelerate the learning process. The goal of this class is to swim 25 feet of crawl stroke and back stroke. When they reach their goal they get a silver medal. Ratio 3 students / 1 instructor. Price $20 / day paid monthly. 


Our "compete" class is designed for kids who can swim 25 feet of crawl stroke and back stroke and want to get prepared to join a swim team. Kids will learn a variety of drills that will strengthen their crawl and back stroke. They will learn the breast stroke and butterfly and they will practice racing. We teach them what to except when racing at their first swim meet. The goal of this class is for the child to be eager and prepared to race in a swim meet. When they reach this goal they will receive a gold medal. Ratio 6 students /1 instructor. Price $20 / day paid monthly. 

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                         Method of Swim Instruction






Class Schedule

Click on the blue button below to open the Parent Portal and see all open classes.   
Please read the following first...
We recommend every child attends class 2x per week for at least 4 months.
These options are offered through our M/W and T/TH classes. 
We know that busy families can sometimes only attend class 1x per week.
These options are offered in our Friday, Saturday & Sunday classes. 
During the summer months most families like to swim 4x per week.
These options are offered in our "Fast Track" sessions. 

Each lesson is 30 minutes - with PROMPT start times.

To register - you must go to our Parent Portal and start a new family account. 
You will pay online for all classes.

Pool Locations

Cecil Aquatics Center

Swim lessons are taught at this lovely indoor City pool January and February and available to everyone. The pool address is 13611 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221.   It is conveniently located next to the towns of Orange Park, Ortega and NAS.

St. Johns Golf & Country Club

Swim lessons are taught at this lovely outdoor pool  March through October and the water is not heated. Swim lessons are available for residents only and proof of residence is required. 

Gran Bay at Flagler Center

Swim lessons are taught at this lovely outdoor pool  March through October and available to everyone. The pool address is 13444 Gran Bay Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32258. It is conveniently located next to the towns of Mandarin, Fruit Cove, St Johns, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra and Southside.


Payment Method

Tuition is paid on a monthly basis through our website.

When you set up an account you will enter a credit or debit card

that must be kept on file. 


Your first and last month are pro-rated. Consecutive months are auto-debited 

on 25th of each month for the upcoming month.

The total amount due is based on the number of classes

your child is scheduled for each month.

There are no make-up classes when a child misses class. 

Cancelled classes will be made-up or credited.

National Holidays will be announced and not billed.



Owner Pam Villa is excited to have opened Champion Swim School June of 2019. She has over 20 years experience in the water teaching swim lessons and 8 years experience managing swim schools. She grew up on a swim team and has a passion for giving kids the gift of swimming. She moved to St Augustine Florida in December 2016 with a goal of starting her own swim school in a state that needs it the most. She loves networking with others in the field and learning more every year. She also teaches Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED classes.

Coach Kyla Merrill has been teaching swim lessons for 3 years and loves watching kids make fast progress in the water. She is a student at FSCJ and pursuing a Bachelors degree in Health Science from UNF. Kyla was able to swim all 4 strokes at age 4! She was born and raised in Seattle and grew up around swim schools. Kyla loves to spend her free time enjoying the beach with her friends or exploring new towns in Florida. She has a cute dog named Bear who she has fun spoiling. 

Coaching Staff

Coach Gisele loves teaching kids and spent 5 years as an elementary school teacher. She now holds a full time career in the software industry and teaches swim lessons as a 2nd job. She has always had a passion for swimming and even taught her daughter how to swim.  As a Native Canadian, Coach Gisele has called Florida home since 2012.  On the weekends she can be found at SeaWorld with her daughter, or in the kitchen cooking up one of her favorite recipes!


1. What kind of swim diapers should I use? 

A. We accept both cloth diapers with plastic pants or reusable diapers. The important factor is that they fit snug to your child so they do not leak.

2. Do you swim in the rain?

A. We cancel lessons when it is raining so hard that we cannot see the bottom of the pool. Often we swim in the light rain because it is warm enough and we are already wet ;). We do have a covered sitting area for parents. If we do cancel for heavy rain you will be given a make up token in your account.

3.Do I come to class if it is stormy outside?

A. We cancel class when lightning is within 8 miles of our pool. We send out an instant notification to your phone via the parent portal app the minute we cancel. It is best to head to the pool is you have not gotten a cancellation notification yet. If we do cancel for lightning you will given a make up token in your account.

4. How long does it take a child to swim?

A. I can give you an estimate but each child learns at a different pace based on their personality, history with the water and age. After teaching hundreds of children, the average time that I see it take for kids to learn to swim 40 feet of crawl and back stroke by themselves, dive in and back float is:

  • age 14 months @ 2 group classes per week =  est 12 months

  • age 24 months @ 2 group lessons per week = est 6 months

  • age 4 years @ 2 group lessons per week = est 4 months

Each week a student takes off from swim lessons is a delay in their progress. And, once a child can swim across the pool they need to be given ample opportunity to practice and get strong at swimming. 

5. What if my child cries in class?

We are always sensitive to a child's crying and we do not keep them in the situation that is making them cry for very long. If a child is crying due to separation anxiety then we recommend they switch to the "comfort" class so they are in the class with their parent. If they are crying out of fear, we address that fear in a caring way. We also know the difference between fussing and crying. And sometimes kids just plain throw a fit in protest. We understand all of this. We handle each swimmer in a caring way, we do not force them to do anything. We teach them that they can be successful at the task at hand and we help them through it. We don't expect perfection we help them practice in order to get better. Often times the 3rd class is the magic class, because by then a child starts to realize that there is a pattern to class and that nothing new and scary is coming their way. That is when they will begin to relax and engage in class. 

6. What is the protocol for stopping class? 

A. Parents are required to go through the parent portal and request a drop class 2 weeks before stopping and are responsible for payment for these classes. 

Licensed Provider

Red Cross

First Aid/CPR/AED 

Pam Villa is a Red Cross certified instructor for First Aid / CPR / AED and offers classes in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas. 

Call to book your class today


Available Certifications

Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED 

*Blended - online work plus 2.5 hours in class $80

*Classroom - 6.5 hours in class $100

Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED 

*Blended - online work plus 1.5 hrs in class, $70

*Classroom - 3.5 hours, $80

Adult First Aid/CPR/AED

*Blended - online work plus 1.5 hrs in class, $75

*Classroom - 6 hrs in class, $100


*Blended - online work plus 1 hour in class, $75

*Classroom - 3 hours in class, $75